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Exile updated to 1.0.2 Kohlrabi


  • Added: Flags of Scotland and Estonia
  • Fixed: A problem where quad bikes and regular bikes would still warm you up in cold climates
  • Added: 8G Bullet Cam
  • Added: Ammunition and fuel randomization when spawning a vehicle in the world on server boot
  • Fixed: Possible client crash to desktop when joining a server - Please tell us if it helped you!
  • Added: Arma 1.64 compatibility
  • Added: Prototypes of hunting, farming and fishing (Will be finished later!)
  • Fixed: A very exotic glitch where one could access locked safes

Visit for the latest game server information!

Visit for the latest game server information!

What is King of the Hill?

King of the Hill is a three team sector control mission within ArmA 3. As you play you will gain experience which will in turn unlock new gear and vehicles to aid your teams efforts to control the zone. Has more in depth information about the mod

You can get the launcher here although it's possible to just search ingame

Either search MGT in A3Launcher or MGT in Arma browser, server ip and port is

Visit for the latest game server information!

We Want You

MGT MGT posted Jul 23, 16
As a popular gaming community running busy servers, we're often on the lookout for new talent to moderate and administrate our servers.

If you think you have what it takes to become part of our team read on

Applications will only be accepted from those 21 years or older
and from those that have been playing on our servers for more than 1 month and can write/speak English to a high standard and are not part of a large active group, a presence on our forums would be an advantage to your application.

A knowledge of rCon would be an advantage as well as a knowledge of how hackers/cheaters/glitchers operate.
Important: When part of the MGT team, your role is more important than your playing. If there are issues you would be expected to do your best to resolve them or to contact another team member who can resolve them before you can resume "playing"
Whilst we understand you're here because you like playing, being part of the MGT team is a responsibility but please remember, being a moderator or admin will stop you playing with a group, this is ideally suited to "lone wolves"
Apply in the following forum in confidence by copying the following and using it as your application template
Name: John Smith
Age: 25
IGN: ApplePie
Location: England
Which server you mostly play: Tavichernopantheralsk
The hours you usually play: between 9am - 7pm GMT
Any relevant experience here
Why you think you would be good as part of the team:
We look forward to reading your applications, unfortunately we cannot reply to all applicants.
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