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Arma 3 Exile Lingor

Daz Admin posted Feb 2, 17

Mods needed

  • Exile
  • Lingor
  • CUP Terrains Core
  • CUP Terrains Maps
  • CUP Terrains CWA

Search MGT on A3Launcher

[MGT]DB Admin it's not crashing, it's ddos
FabsZockt0815 well, why is the server ALLWAYS crashing!!!!
Doom7 Nice, was just thinking that some weekend i should probably go back to epoch/exile or King of HIll

What is King of the Hill?

King of the Hill is a three team sector control mission within ArmA 3. As you play you will gain experience which will in turn unlock new gear and vehicles to aid your teams efforts to control the zone. Has more in depth information about the mod

You can get the launcher here although it's possible to just search ingame

Either search MGT in A3Launcher or MGT in Arma browser, server ip and port is

For the server rules and how to report a player

Changes - Version 9.1:

[NEW] Magazine repack button on inventory screen
[NEW] Lightweight appearances affect your speed
[NEW] Tanoa-specific uniforms colors
[CHANGE] Appearances rebalanced between all 3 sides
[FIX] VTOLs were using jet view distance limits instead of helicopter ones
[FIX] VTOLs now leak fuel after getting hit With A.A
[FIX] Weapons no longer disappear after revive for real this time (at least we think)
[FIX] Icons were not showing for 100 meters view distance
[FIX] LIM-86 now gets suppressor with Silencer perk is equipped.
[FIX] Vehicle Inventory can no longer be accesssed anywhere
[FIX] Vehicle Inventory radius descreaed so players around vehicles can be looted
[FIX] Other minor things

Visit for the latest game server information!

Spike Hello, I saw yesterday how LEWIS_DAUN was on the MGT server with infinite ammunition and invulnerable on the server. I p...
[MGT]DB Admin @AAATopNinjaGaming *** report cheaters and rule breakers in KoTH official ***
AAATopNinjaGaming Is there an admin reading this for the KOTH i need your help im always on the TS3 KOTH support pls join

Arma 3 1.66 update is out now, make sure when it's queuing to close all instances of Arma 3 (including A3L) to let it update, our servers are updated

OttoZander Quite a few people on the server seem to have a problem with this patch. Some have managed to launch the game by playing...
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